Monday, April 4, 2016

Ode to Magnolia

So, here's a virtual tour of Day 2 on our girls' trip. We'd made it to Waco to begin our "pilgrimage" to all things Magnolia, then circled and found a great parking spot at 6th and Webster...The Silos and Magnolia Market.

Welcome to a home designer's haven
We'd heard tales of three-hour waits in line and saw the ropes that would weave guests in caterpillar fashion to the entry. Luckily, we walked (bounced) right in! It was definitely crowded with fans and shoppers, but worth the trip.

Additional retail area, for your shopping pleasure

The now familiar Magnolia logo
The outdoor space surrounding the buildings is a well thought out space. It's a family friendly area with lawn games, tables, food trucks of all kinds, and a new garden area and shop coming soon.

Chip's Willys Jeep
This is going to be SO cool!

Bean bag toss anyone?

Who'd say no to a baby goat?

Now, I may need to go back to Waco to check out this soon-to-be-finished part of The Silos...Magnolia Bakery! They're still putting the finishing touches on this cute little building, but it's sure to be a sweet treat when it's complete.

A diamond in the rough (likely to stay rough, er, rustic)

Supposed to open in May 2016

We spotted this moving truck along Austin Avenue. I'd love to have this pull up in front of my house, Chip and Joanna hopping out of the cab!

Spotted in a parking lot as we headed to The Silos...
Stay tuned for a few more Adventures in Waco posts. I love heading out with Mom to see what kind of "trouble" we can get into. Call your mom today and tell her HOWDY!!

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  1. How FUN! I'm such a fan of that show!

  2. How fun! I loveeeeeeee their show!! I am hoping to visit there one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!