Sunday, January 24, 2016

Facing the Facts

Sometimes even I get to TAKE a class and that makes me very happy. Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of taking a workshop with Dina Wakley...

Here's a group selfie (??) Dina had my camera and this turned out pretty cute, huh? She is funny, talented, and crazy fun! Ooh, don't stop...

Give an artist an iPhone and it's like giving a mouse a cookie! These shots are the perfect lead in to the class...Facing the Facts. Here are a couple super quick (but, my goodness, she's awesome even when she's quick!) faces Dina drew.

And here, my friends, are my renditions. Please remember that this is my very first attempt at faces and my baby steps tiptoeing into mixed media...

Didn't quite get the tilt, just a sort of photo bomb!

Farrah Fawcett's in da' house own worst critic. But, if you can't laugh at yourself... Dina says we should draw 100 faces. I'm on three.

I'm doodling them spontaneously! I think I could like this. Stay tuned!

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