Sunday, November 22, 2015

Planner craze...

...are you in?! Honestly, I was on the fence about this new planner craze. I mean, having an organized planner isn't new, and I do still use a paper calendar to keep track of my days.

Meh, it's utilitarian and does the job. But, it certainly doesn't inspire me.

Now this inspires me!

Carpe Diem line by Simple Stories

Layle Koncar's Planner

Nancy Damiano's Planner

And so, I've jumped on the planner bandwagon! I've been scouring the web for ideas, tips, tricks, hacks, and simply admiring the awesome creativity out there!

I'm in luv with Simple Stories' new planner line called Carpe Diem. Why, you ask? Because the colors and images completely inspire me. The system allows a planner newbie to easily put a simple, but absolutely useful, planner together in no time. The line also allows for as little or as much individual creativity as YOU want to give.

I'm finishing up the details of my new San Diego-based Decorate Your Day planner club. Imagine a super fun book club-type gathering, but our "book" is obviously a whimsical, split-leather A5 planner just waiting to transform into each member's "year in the life of..." At our first meeting we'll introduce and get to know our members, we'll assemble our basic planner, enjoy some delightful treats and spirited conversation -- then embellish and empower the first three months of our planner! We'll meet again quarterly to share tips, ideas and inspiration, as well as continue to build and embellish.

Members will receive the Carpe Diem planner of their choice (platinum, coral, robin's egg blue, aqua, pink or black). Each is lined with black and white polka dotted fabric, with great vertical and secretarial pockets, pen loop, and all the goodies you'll need to get started: A5 tablet, metal charm, foil printed dashboard, 12 monthly dividers, undated monthly spreads, summary pages, and weekly inserts.

At each meeting we'll enjoy all the coordinating Carpe Diem accessories -- creating our own individual planners that will document our lives. This club isn't a paid subscription, but an opportunity to purchase (at a discount) and use the products, receive tips and inspiration, access new products we've found out in "planner world", and enjoy the camaraderie of a group of like-minded planner pals!

If this sounds interesting to you, I welcome your suggestions - leave a comment to share your thoughts on either joining us in person (San Diego area) or...what about a video-chat platform so that our planner pals come from all over?

You'll see more about the Decorate Your Day planner club - I hope you'll join us!

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  1. Can't wait for the first meeting. I want to use the regular line of Simple Stories papers to add decorations and pages to the planner, e.g. using Christmas line to embellish the December pages.

    1. That's a great idea! Simple Stories has fabulous images and colors in all their lines. Thanks for your suggestion :-)

  2. Shannon,
    I'm in i already use a planner but I was checking this one out the other day.... and almost purchased it... I can't wait until the first meeting.

    1. Super -- this is going to be a fun group of planner pals "seizing the day"! Let me know what color planner you'd like.

  3. Hi Shannon -

    I would love to join the San Diego planner group!!! Please share more details!


    1. Hi Natasha -- we'd love to have you!! Please click on the CONTACT ME button in the menu bar on my website and I can get more details to you right away. Thanks for your interest :-)

  4. Hi Shannon,
    Count me in...I love this line and the planner colors are fabulous!

    1. Hi Laura -- the colors and images/patterns definitely caught my eye as well! Please click on the CONTACT ME button in the menu bar on my website and I can get you all signed up! I'm thrilled you're jumping on board! :-)