Monday, May 11, 2015

kits & caboodle

My #1 love is card making. My #2 is creating card making kits!

Many of you may remember Paper Made Bakery's card kits. I had so much fun mixing and matching the coolest new papers, embellishments, and of course, STAMPS to create monthly kits. There was a learning curve, as there always is when launching a new endeavor, but I loved every minute of it.

As life cruises by there are so many curves in the road, lots of turnouts and scenic rests, and (let's be honest) bumps in the road! Beep, beep...
I've been thinking a lot about the many local scrapbook stores closing here in San Diego, southern California, and well, all over. I wonder where my friends and I will go to buy all those cool new papers, embellishments and STAMPS?!

There are several big online companies that offer fantastic card making kits. I wonder if there is room in this big o' world for one more?

One whose heart is made from paper scraps, ink, and twists of ribbon, and whose soul is filled with a desire to explore new ideas, test out trends and make creative friends all over the world.

If you've indulged me enough to read this far, I'd love to ask you a favor. If you could imagine the BEST card making kit "club", what would it look like? What would you want to see included all the time? What awesome and unique ideas would you like to see happen occasionally? Please leave a comment below or feel free to contact me. I'm ready to explore building the perfect kits just for YOU!

Have a terrific week...and stop by again soon!

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  1. It's so awesome that you CARE to ask us stampers out there. Indeed, there are many awesome kits out there. I think the bottom lines are varieties (different stamp companies, embellishments, paper...) and price (friendly shipping for internationals)...I am not sure if that is viable for business. But it certainly is nice to indulge us with a thought of a perfect kit! So thank you!

  2. I absolutely LOVED your PMB kits!!!! You always had the best paper pads and I ALWAYS loved Fresh Squeezed stamps!! Would LOVE to see you back in the game!!!!!! You rock the kits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Card kits with 6x6 pads are thee best...throw in trendy embellishments and an awesome stamp set...hey, that sounds just like the original PMB kits:)

  4. I am not sure I have any profound ideas, thought I agree with V on variety. Mostly just happy to see you are putting it out there again!

  5. I never had a chance to work with PMB kit but some 6 by 6 patterned papers. trendy embellishments, a stamp set, perhaps a small die and ofcoarse as Virginia said friendly international shipping. Not having cardbase in the kit will help that I think. Thank you so much for asking.

  6. I never had the pleasure of working with a PMB kit either, but I think adding some mixed media items might make it more unique. Things like a Gelato crayon or stencil/mask, chakboard paint,embroidery floss, felt, etc. This might be a way to get those who are looking to branch out and try something new to look to your kit, but not enough to "scare" others away. Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind!

  7. I never played with a PMB kit either, for me I'd like loads of embellishments, papers, masks etc that could be used for lots of other projects not just cards xx

  8. How awesome! A mix of embellishments would be great! I love embellishments but can't buy them all, however a kit with a selection in it would be great!