Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Blog Candy Winners

Boy, did I absolutely LOVE the Holiday Coffee Lovers Blog Hop! There were nearly 300 entries -- loads of caffeinated inspiration!

I want to personally thank everyone that stopped by my blog, especially those that were kind enough to leave a comment. As promised, I'm sharing a cuppa' joe via three little Starbucks gift cards for three sweet commenters. I'll contact each winner by email. Congrats to the following Java Mamas --

  1. wendipooh13
  2. Maura
  3. Laurel Beard
Thank you one and all...and aren't you glad it's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas?


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  1. oh my gosh thank you sooo much!!! this made my day!! I heart starbucks!!!

    1. So happy you stopped by - enjoy a caffeine boost on me! :-)

  2. Awesome!! Thank you! And I love my new moniker, Java Mama!! Have a great day, Shannon!

  3. My belated wishes to you for a Merry Christmas and here's to you--a happy and healthy 2015!! HUGS!