Thursday, January 24, 2013

You Spin Me Right Round

The Reveal
The colors in this month's Warms Your Heart kit are just so fresh and fun, it makes the cards turn out the same way. I made this as a Valentine's Day card, but if you change up the sayings in the pie chart, it can easily be adapted to suit other occasions. I was thinking of making a birthday one that reads, "All your wishes will come true, Most of your wishes will come true, All you're getting is this card." 

The Inspiration
When I saw the "Hot, Hot, Hot" stamp set this month, my first idea was to turn the coffee stirrer into a game spinner. I wanted to work on some other projects and the idea fell to the wayside. Luckily I jotted down my idea in my planner, so later on in the month I could remember to create it. 

The Details
I punched a 2" circle on pink cardstock. I hand cut some triangles and laid them on the circle like pieces of a pie with the back edge protruding from the circle. I cut around the circle to trim off the edges and round off the triangles. To give it a border, I adhered the pie chart onto a 2.25" punched pink cardstock circle. 

To make the spinner, I stamped the stirrer onto white cardstock, trimmed one end to a point and attached it to the center of the pie chart using a brad. To make it spin better, I would leave more room around the stirrer when trimming to give the center hole more clearance for the brad. 

All the supplies, except for the brad, came from this month's Warms Your Heart kit

Have fun creating this month!

Thanks so much for droppin' by,
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