Thursday, January 17, 2013

What You Need is Love Potion #9

Reveal #1
When I was looking at this month's kit with beverage themed stamps, love themed stickers and clear tubes, I thought those would be great ingredients in creating a love potion. This first reveal is more of a cutesy, child version. I was imagining putting little packets of Kool-Aid or Hawaiian punch in the tube and giving it out as a Valentine. You can also put some juice in there, and as you can see, the tubes don't leak. 

The paper clip heart from last week's post is a great way to attach a tag onto the tube along with some twine. The border stickers really secure the decorative paper band onto the tube. 

Reveal #2
While juice may be good for the kiddies, I was thinking some adults might want a different beverage. I made a wine bottle topper, which along with a bottle of wine, can be given as Valentine's Day present. If paired with some crystal wine glasses, this might also be a great wedding present. I wanted a nice bottle of Merlot for photographing purposes, which I didn't have, so you'll have to excuse my small bottle of balsamic vinegar and use your imagination. 

For the wine glass, I used the hot chocolate mug stamp and cut off the handle. I drew a stem on the bottom to extend it into a wine glass. For the background rings, I used small circle punches with different diameters on my scratch patterned papers. I punch the smallest circle first, then punch the next size up around the previous hole to create the thin rings. 

The Kit
All the components of the two projects are created from this month's Fresh Baked Kit entitled, Warms Your Heart. You'll have to add your own child or adult beverages.

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