Sunday, January 20, 2013

Design Tip: The Odds Are In Your Favor

Remember that line from the Hunger Games movie?

Design Tutorial: The Law of Odds

Know why you like this card so much (I am assuming so anyway)? Because it follows a rule of design. The Rule Of Odds, that is, when you create, use an odd number of items.

I found this cute article that helps to understand this concept HERE.

I have used the Warms Your Heart kit:
  • The number 3 on the brad (not included in the kit, but everything else is)
  • 5 banner stickers
  • 5 bling
  • 5 layered flower
  • 3 strips of sentiments
  • 1 large sheet of patterned paper
Well that is it for me friends, you can find me the rest of the week at my blog HERE.

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  1. Hehehehehe... I totally thought of the book/movie when I read the title for this post! LOL!! I loveeeeeeeee your card!! LOVING that flower!!!

  2. Just Awesome and I just LURVE all of that SRM!!!!

  3. I definitely remember the books and the movie. Still waiting to get the 3rd and final book from my library. Great card. Love that big flower.

  4. Wida, your card is just fabulous! Your flower is stunning. I love that you have shared that article. It totally simplifies the Rule of Odds. I have read all the Hunger Games books and can't wait for the next movie!

  5. Super cute! I will have to remember totally works!!

  6. GREAT job on this one, Wida! Congrats on the SRM Facebook feature with this lovely card!