Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Lesson

You ever make a card and think to yourself, WHO MADE THIS? That is what happened to me while  creating with the latest Paper Made Bakery Kit, Warms Your Heart. You can get yours HERE.

I started to design...then kept adding

...and adding

...and adding. Once I was done, well, I didn't recognize myself in the work. Now I know you all will be nice and say, "sweet card", (good blog etiquette would recommend it) but I didn't feel it was blog worthy at all.
The card to me doesn't make good design sense. So I made this:

and I felt better...

Here is a shot of the inside. I used my Silhouette to make a pop up card. The cardstock in this card did not come from the kit, but the patterned paper, and that sweet chipboard cup did!

Today's lesson: You have to feel good about what you make. 


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  1. I totally agree with you about having to feel good about what you make. I love the final card and that inside is amazing. How do you make a pop up card in silhouette?

  2. People say I speak my mind - ha. Sometimes to a fault. Etiquette or not, I would agree. I'm not too sold on your first card. It's "ok" not BAD but not your best work - ha. I however LOVE your final card. That's awesome.

    Thanks for sharing and for the lesson - agree 100%. I entered a card i flat out didn't like but it was my first challenge and I struggled. I wish I hadn't entered it, but oh well.

    Have an awesome day, thanks for sharing


    1. I love this comment wiht all my heart! Terri, you are my kind of lady!!! Thank you for your honesty. I am's just how I roll ;)

  3. Great lesson... a friend of mine always said if you didn't like the card, send it to your mom, she'll love it.

  4. You are soooooooooo silly!!! They both are fabulous!!!!

  5. I would have liked your first card better without all the things that are below the sentiment. I am not a big fan of ribbon (although i appreciate well done bows/knots) and I think the dots are redundant since you already have the background pattern in similar colors, but that is just my opinion. I think sometimes you may not like a card too much, but someone else with a different taste may like it. However, I totally agree with you about feeling good of what you make. I don't blog about a card I am not comfortable with hoping that someone else will like it :) All that said, your second card is beautiful; balanced and well designed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it is always nice to read how you came about making a card.

  6. Of course, we will be sweet! I think there are several redeeming ideas in your first card. I like the hearts emerging from the coffee pot...maybe it needs to go smaller to larger or it needs more room to flow up like steam? The grounding for the coffee o with the zig zag stitching is great too! And then your card gets a little busy. Your next card is more settled and the negative of the sentiment is quite fun!

  7. Love this post and everybody should always have good blog etiquette:)

    I love all the elements in your first's just not typical Wida style to have all those elements on one card...but I like it.

    the 2nd card screams Wida...and yes, I love it.

  8. I love your lesson! So true! I also love that you shared a card you didn't like with us-that shows confidence and vulnerability. I do think your 2nd card is more "you" and is stronger with the design overall. And you kept one of your main ideas from the first card, the cut out sentiment so you had to make the "not me" one to come up with the perfect one :)

  9. I love that you shared the first card, Wida. I can't say I would have been brave enough to do the same. I also love how you kept the concept from the first one and turned it into a fantastic design. You are awesome!

  10. I think we should have an "ugly" card-off. I think I could win. I do know what you mean though, when you just can't seem to make the card pleasing to the eye.... I love the pop-up tea cups though. :)

  11. Wida, thank-you for sharing a "not perfect" card! I can see what you mean, and I do prefer the second card, but it is so lovely to see "the card that didn't make the cut" sometimes! ;-)

  12. I like the hearts..they are like kisses..the rest does seem a bit busy! But with SO MANY FUN TOYS to play with...I can't blame you:)
    Great does help to know even a go-to-gal has an off card now and then.
    But you've shown that one can take something ordinary and bounce back with BRILLIANCE!

  13. You are one brave soul Wida, I don't think I can take so much honest tea. I actually like both cards.

  14. LOVE this post! You are such a fantastic blogger, Wida! Truly. So, IMHO, if you took all the space under the sentiment, turned it to white, added it on top of the tea pot, and then had the hearts zig zag up, it would be a great Wida card. I think I see another feature in your future ... how you take a card you're not thrilled with and make it "you." Lots to learn there.