Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Rainbow of Flavors

Hi, would you like to join me for a soda? 
Just grab a straw and choose your favorite flavor! 

The Reveal
I've always liked the old fashioned soda fountains. When I saw the Sodas in SoHo stamp set, I was envisioning a rainbow array of flavors lined up on a wooden counter. 

The Tutorial
I wanted to get bright colors with some effervescence at the top of the bottles so I used this quick and fun inking technique. 

1. Stamp your image using a water resistant ink. I stamped the soda bottle using Memento Ink in Tuxedo Black. 
2. Stamp a craft pad with a water based dye ink in the color you want. I used Stampin' Up Classic Inks in ROY G. BIV colors. 
3. Spray the stamped ink on the craft pad with some water and you will get beads of colored water. 
4. Drag the stamped image through the beads of colored water. Voila! You're done coloring in an instant. 
5. Cut out your image when dry. 
I also showed the end result of my craft pad and the colored soda bottles drying. 

Further Ideas
Since I wanted a rainbow effect, I only used one color on each bottle. If you want a multi-colored marbled look, stamp several colors close together and drag the image through all the colors at once. It will look so pretty. If you spray a lot of water, the color will have a smooth even coating. If you spray sparingly, the beads of color will be very small and you'll get more negative space in your image. That is what I wanted for the soda bubbles, so I just gently dabbed my image onto the smaller beads of ink, like in the grape soda image below. 

This is a super fun technique which will yield some eye catching effects, so I hope you can try it out some time. 

The Kit
All the stamps, papers and ribbon are from this month's Fresh Baked Kit. I just added my own inks. Grab one before they sell out. The possibilities are endless with what you can make. 

Thanks so much for poppin' by, 
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