Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Old School - New Shape

Welcome to my last class for the Paper Made Bakery Old School September kit.
Today, we are going to study shapes.  Well, just one really... the hexagon.

All the supplies (except the happy birthday stamp) come from this uber fab

 Don't you just love it???
Unfortunately we are already sold out.  Boo.
But don't worry, we have a new fabulous kit for October.
You won't want to miss out on that one. 

Now back to our shapes lesson.

Shapes are fun and hexagons are a BIG trend right now.  Don't you love how they just float up the page.  Lots of great movement.  It reminds me of the game Tetras.  Which I never recommend playing while in school, but at work, it is perfectly ok.  Lol.

I created the hexagon shape in the Silhouette software.  And for your homework, you are to download it and use it!  :)  Just click on the image below and you can download the .studio file for free.  Sadly, it is only for the Studio software, I don't know how to convert it to an SVG.

I also have a short video with a few tips on how to use the file in the Silhouette Studio Software.

Thanks for joining me for today's lesson, class is dismissed.  Ha.
Have a super wonderful Wednesday. 

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  1. Love this card! The gray with the oranges is such a great combination and it's such a fun modern design!

  2. hexies...I LOVE hexies and how fun...a FREEBIE:)

  3. Awesome!!! I loveeeeeeeeee those hexagons!!!!

  4. What a fabulous post! We've hit the jackpot today -- awesome card, video, freebie file and a good chuckle! Great way to start out my Wednesday -- thanks!!

  5. Nice job! That is a cool card, reminds me of a video game

  6. Lisa GREAT tutorial and the freebie file is so COOL! Some of my FAV fall colors are in your card and I love the movement of the shapes.

  7. Love the movement on your card! So playful & fun :) and I'm sure I never played games while in school :)