Friday, September 21, 2012

my name is: ___________

Alicia here again from

You see, I have this stellar 17
year old daughter who doesn't seem
to remember how awesome she is.

I try to remind her in little ways that
she matters so much more than
she realizes and she IS a rock-star.

Here's a little matchbook box with
a teenage appropriate message.
I think this one might get through her head. :)

Fun trick: I used the tiny patterned paper as a tag.
I stamped on the rock with Palette Hybrid Ink, Noir Black.

If the paper box is tossed aside,
I know that the rock will last...
a little reminder that she can
run into once in a while.
Meagan... you rock. :)

Be sure to check out the
Paper Made Bakery's
Old School Kit for September.
Everything on my project came from the kit
well, except for the rock.
That came from my front yard.

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