Monday, August 6, 2012

Fresh Start Monday

Hello everyone!  It's Monday.  Today's a great day to start your week off with a couple creative projects and I hope you've already earmarked some inspiration from our new Design Team!  There's lots more to come, so stop by every day to see what's been created with our August Fresh Baked Kit -- Garden Art.

The good news?  You all LOVE our Fresh Baked Kits!  We've gotten lots of new Baker's Dozen subscribers and their kits shipped out just as our blog hop got started.  Baker's Dozen peeps are guaranteed a kit shipped to their doorstep at the very beginning of the new month.  Click HERE for more details on Baker's Dozen...

The other good news?  We're almost sold out of August's Fresh Baked Kit - Garden Art!  We have only a couple kits left, and we're still in the first week of the new month, yet they could be gone soon so don't procrastinate...

Here's a little story about how the upcycled cork butterfly came to be part of our Garden Art kit.  I love cupcakes.  There, I said it.  One of my favorite cupcake venues in San Diego (La Jolla to be exact) is Cups Lounge.  They do all kinds of unique flavors, offer vegan choices if that's what you like, and oh yeah, they are all spectacular!  And what's a great cupcake without a fabulous cuppa' coffee?  Last visit I decided to get a to-go coffee with my Harvest MINI cupcake (shown), and the cup came with this interesting cork sleeve to keep my dainty fingers from getting too hot.
The hamsters in my brain immediately got their wheels spinning and I knew I could make some super cute die cuts with this material, so the sleeve metamorphized into butterflies!  And that, my friends, is how everyday happenings turn into creative inspiration.  Go out and find inspiration in your beautiful, everyday life!
Visit our blogsite every day to see these lovely cork butterflies popping up in gorgeous cards and other creations...
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  1. fun story...and who doesn't love cupcakes?!!!

  2. Sounds like great stuff coming up!!!! LOVING the cupcake story!!!

  3. Cute, I want some cupcakes now!

  4. Brilliant!! I love those little cork butterflies!!