Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

The Reveal
Hello PMB friends, this is Michelle here today with a card to share. It is so fun to use the different elements from the Tea for Two kit, which can easily be adapted for projects beyond a tea theme. Today I'm featuring packaging material from the kit which I made into a silver framed mirror holding some mini M & M's inside. I slightly altered the "Mirror, Mirror on the wall" quote from Snow White for my sentiment. This can be used for many occasions, such as a love, friendship or a child's birthday card. 

The Inspiration
There are so many lovely papers and embellishments from this month's Tea for Two kit, but one of my favorite items is actually the packaging from the button shaped brads. It is a 1.5" circular metal canister with a top that lifts off. I knew I wanted to design a card to incorporate this element. 

The Details
I was thinking of different objects it could become, like a lens on a camera, a wheel on a car, part of a robot...and I  finally decided on a mirror on the wall. I used my 1.5" circle punch on the smaller squares of paper and I traced the canister onto the larger card base that the punch couldn't reach and cut it out with a utility knife. 

I used double stacked pieces of 1/8" high foam squares on the bottom layer of my card. This matched the exact height of the bottom layer of the canister. I placed the top layer of the card on the foam squares with the canister coming through the center.

This allowed just the lid of the canister to protruded from the card making it easy to open and close, while the bottom half is hidden underneath. I didn't even use any adhesive on the bottom of the canister as it is held snugly in place. I cut off the wire stem of the paper flower from the kit for the framing wire and used a brad for a nailhead. 

At this point, you could see the foam squares from the side of the card, so I covered that with some strips of cardstock to hide the construction. 

I also framed in the card with some really thin strips of red patterned paper, kind of like molding or trim in a room.  

The canister adds a fun and interactive component to the card. You can change the contents and therefore change the theme of the card. You can put a ring inside for a proposal card, two plastic rings for a wedding card or a small gift like a necklace for a birthday card. Just have fun with all the components in a PMB kit and utilize all the contents to suit your needs, even the packaging. 

Thanks so much for stoppin' by today!
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  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwww! I loveeeeeeeeee this!!! LOVING how you added the candy and love love love the sentiment!! PERFECT!

  2. That is such a cute idea. THANKS

  3. Oh I love this.. way cool.. Thanks for sharing.