Thursday, March 22, 2012

Junk-tique Fan?

My Favorite Find
Do you like cool, old stuff?  Ever rooted around a flea market and discovered that dusty old vanity table, just like your grandma had, then took it home, painted it creamy pink and fell in love?  If you dig vintage finds, hunting through antique shops (not the hoity-toity kind, but the fun and hip ones), and picking through tag sales, you're going to thoroughly enjoy this new website I found!

Serena Thompson, of Farms Chicks fame, has developed a website called My Favorite Find.  It's an online community where folks share, well, their favorite find, and where you can also find super fun and trendy events and shoppes all over the country (and world)!  Are you having an estate sale?  Want peeps from far and wide to know about it?  My Favorite Find is the place for that, too!  This is a great concept -- find out how Serena came up with the idea here.

Just thought I'd share one of my own "favorite finds" for this week...
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