Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Results Are In

OK, I've gone over the e-die cutting machine survey results and found them illuminating!  There's a lot to share, but I know you'll want to read what your crafty cohorts think about machines, what they can and cannot do, and what they're dreaming about in their next e-die cutting machine (hint: we may not have to wait long to make that dream come true!)

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1. Do you currently use an electronic die cutting machine in your paper crafting?
a. Yes = 70.5%

b. No = 29.5%

2. What type of e-die cutting machine do you use?

a. Cricut Expression = 56.4%

b. Don’t own an e-die cutting machine = 28.2%

c. Silhouette SD = 12.8%

d. Cricut Expression 2 = 7.7%

e. Silhouette Cameo = 7.7%

f. Pazzles Creative Cutter Inspiration = 2.6%
g. Other = Cricut Create, Cricut Personal, Slice, Bosskut Gazelle, original Silhouette, KNK Zing, eClips, Clack Cat Lynx, Spellbinders Wizard, Vagabond

3. How do you use this machine the most? In order of number of responses:  To cut…

a. images/shapes

b. fonts/letters/titles

c. cards

d. embellishments

e. tags/bags

f. don’t use it

g. layouts
h. party decorations
i. backgrounds
j. gift packaging

k. digis

l. around stamps

m. home décor

n. borders

o. glass etching

p. emboss

q. mini albums

4. Do you create your own images or SVG files?

a. Yes = 23.9%

b. No = 76.1%

5. I own an e-die cutting machine, but don’t use it.

a. False statement = 89.1%

b. True statement = 10.9%

6. If you don’t own a machine, are you interested in owning one?

a. Yes = 72.2%

b. No = 27.8%

7. If you don’t own one, what is the main reason?

a. Don’t know how to use one = 21.4%

b. Don’t think I’d use one = 21.4%

c. Cost is too high = 71.4%

8. Feedback (interesting excerpts)

a. I have a Cricut but it’s not been out of the box.

b. Disappointed in the Cricut because it tore up cardstock; looking at a Cameo

  i. Would love to cut boxes, favor boxes, card boxes, etc.

  ii. Concerned about how much space machine would take up

c. Even though I can make my own files, am willing to purchase well done images that meet my needs

d. Bought Cricut when able to use SCAL; would not buy another until able to use TrueType fonts, SVG files from computer

  i. Would love a 12” cutter; not sure which to buy

e. Really like Cricut

f. Likes ability to customize what to die cut; takes a few more steps to connect to computer


h. Useful for cutting multiples of the same image

i. Loves to make gift bags, boxes and tags

j. Am thinking of replacing my Cricut with a machine that can cut small images

k. Difficult to get machines in Canada without great expense

l. Have owned Cricut and Silhouette and feel Silhouette is far superior: clean, intricate cuts; easy-to-use software; huge selection of downloadable images at very reasonable price; ability to print and cut – two thumbs up

m. Looking for another machine that has the ability to cut SVGs

n. Disappointed Cricut doesn’t support software that allows me to use free or purchased SVG files

o. Did a lot of research – wanted the ability to design and resize own images; use without having to buy expensive cartridges with images may never use. Love the Silhouette and highly recommend it

p. Ordering a Cameo – tired of all the cartridges

q. Disappointed with Provo Craft’s business practices – Cricuts are now doorstops

r. Silhouette’s customer service is outstanding

s. Manufacturers upgrade often – concerned as soon as one is purchased something new and better will come out

t. Have owned Cricuts and other machines but got rid of them; hands down the Cameo is the best on the market for the price – it’s absolutely fabulous
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  1. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing the results.

  2. Interesting. Looks like one e-cutter rises above the rest! Thanks for sharing :)