Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three Square

You're clicking away on the Web, checking out your favorite blogs {like this one!} and you happen upon a project that speaks to you.  You have that stamp...and that punch!  "Wait," you say to yourself, "let me get out my December Fresh Baked Kit and whip up a card just like that!"

That's what happened here.  I apologize that I can't remember exactly where I saw my inspiration project (I know it was a layout), but I liked the way the person used offset squares and contrasting patterned paper.  I tried not to be neat and even, but did try to fling in several different "looks"...faux stitching, all kinds of subtle *bling*, and even slapped on a bit of Washi tape.

And this is what makes card making so fun!  It's a little creation you can finish in very little time and get to appreciate the fact that you transformed several bits of paper and some fun tools into a little work of art.  Keep up the good work everyone!  Thanks for stopping by...
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1 comment:

  1. OHHH! I just love this card--I love the sentiment across the white paper and I LOVE those little squares!! SO FUN!