Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning?

Seen in the vicinity...
How is it that one who is thought to be, and feels they are, *organized* can accumulate so much STUFF?!  My creative workspace looks like it was hit by a tornado, but in fact, is undergoing a major facelift.  I started with just one corner (on the sage advice of my friend Sandy) and have managed to finish one wall's worth of reaming out, sorting through (toss or Paper Crafters' Garage Sale) and then restoring order.  This has taken me the entire day -- eeek!  I'd hoped to ask Santa for a few Elfa sections, so I really need to get crackin'!

What's your best advice for organizing your craft space?  Let me know by leaving a comment below and on Friday I'll randomly choose a lucky (organized) person to win a little somethin'-somethin'.
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  1. I photo copied each of my stamps and put the photo copy in a binder sorted by types of stamps. I then put a number on the container and added that to the page. My stamps are sorted into categories like: children, animals, holidays, words, flowers etc. I put the containers on shelves by category and numbered the shelf 1,2,3,4,5.etc... Adding this to the book make it easier to locate the stamp when starting a project.

  2. I use drawers, shelves and bins for most of my stuff. I keep like with like so I can find things faster. I also separate out my holiday things and those go into bins and are brought out only when needed.

  3. OMG it's so rough...but it will be worth it when you're done! Remember Elfa is always on sale in the happiest place on earth! hahaha. Have a great week Shannon!

  4. OH--this is a tough question! I found that the BEST way to keep your craft studio/desk/room organized is to put away everything after you finish your project. I know that you might use the same papers for the next project or the same inks...put them away anyway! That way you start fresh and clean each time! I also like to keep the most important pieces of equipment or supplies on my desk (in my drawers/etc.) at all times. I keep inks on the wall and in drawers, as well as die cutting machines and cutting tools on my L part of the desk....I also keep my markers, acrylic blocks, scissors, and adhesives right at my fingertips! Hope this helps:)

    What is an Elfa??? Never heard of it--if it helps with organization, I need one:)

  5. I agree with Savannah, you can have the best organizational system/shelving, etc. in the world, but if you don't actually put anything on it because it's stuck on your desk, it doesn't do you any good.

    I have some of these containers: to store my stamps in...easy to flip through them and they are $7.99 for 3, so affordable too.

    I also keep several large ziploc bags for scraps...that's the first place I go when I am putting a project together. I try to work from those bags before I pull out any new full size sheets of paper.

    I keep whole pieces of cardstock in one bag, negative pieces from diecutting/die cuts in some bags, and very tiny strips/scraps in another bag...I need to expand this system to cover color families, but haven't quite gotten around to it yet.