Friday, December 31, 2010

Renew Your Paper Passion

Happy New Years Eve!  I look forward to 2011 with open arms, as it promises to be a year filled with all kinds of potential.  My holidays were bittersweet, to say the least.  Because I'm fond of all things sweet, I'll start with the wonderful thing that happened on Christmas Eve...Mike and I got engaged!  So, 2011 promises a wedding celebration like no other!

The "bitter" part was that we lost our beloved golden retriever, Bear.  He fought lymphoma and an unexpected and overwhelming infection bravely, but Christmas morning found another tragedy upon him and it was time to let him go.  Our Aussie cattle dog, Ginger, is also in failing health and misses her companion dearly.  Both dogs led long and happy lives so we'll cherish the millions of memories for years and years to come.

With another new year upon us, we'll once again aspire to organize our lives -- and I'm no different.  I've been contemplating the idea of spending the next 365 days creatively utilizing the innumerable crafty tools and products I find stuffed into every nook and crevice of my crafting room.  I'm fortunate enough to have a space to unleash my creativity, yet find myself thinking of that TV show about hoarding -- hoping the camera crews don't show up on my doorstep soon!

And so with that I begin my year-long journey finding creative ways to use my scrappin' stuff and then share my creations with you.  I hope this journey provides some inspiration and motivation so that you, too, can put your many (many, MANY) scrappin' scraps, bits and bobs together into something fantastic.

I always welcome creative advice and suggestions, so feel free to leave comments along the way.  Here's to a very happy, productive and CrEaTiVe 2011!
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