Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse and an Awesome Find

If you're not a Twilight fan then you won't be impressed with this tale, so skip down to the awesome find bit of the story...but don't blame me if you're left to wonder just what kind of luck I have.

Maria, who works in the Brass Plum department at our local Nordstrom is one cool chickie!  She helped me get the Camp Jacob t-shirt I wanted (among other very nice clothing articles) plus the TWO tickets to the PRE-premiere of "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" on Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m.  Yep, that's three hours BEFORE the world premiere!  Because I'm such a nice sister (see post below about the Mother's Day mini album) I invited my little sis to be my guest.  After assessing the loooong snake-like line outside the theater entrance, we decided to get a bite to eat anyway.  When we smooshed ourselves into said line about 30 minutes later who should we find directly in front of us but Craft Diva, Danielle Forsgren, of the Diva Craft Lounge online radio show!  I've worked with Danielle over the years with charity events, and we're craft buddies as well, so it was a boon to run into her at this event, too.  We whiled away the hours before the movie began and we all LOVED the film!  The experience was outstanding and I highly recommend seeing Eclipse.  So, whose side are you on -- Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Here's the Awesome Find is my first official day of summer vacation!  Yipppeee!  I decided to devote it to running errands and cleaning house, that way I can "skip and play" (as my mother would say) and not think about chores for a while.  One of the errands I ran was to one of our local thrift shops to make a donation.  As I dropped off the two big bags of clothing I noticed this black wire rack pushed into the corner.  When I asked if that was for sale, the reply was something about it not being priced, etc. I asked if I could come back in a couple hours and see how much it would be tagged for.  The lady was kind enough to stop what she was doing and assess the wire rack.  I took a closer look myself to make sure it was what I thought it was...and she announced it would cost $20.  I'm not sure if I looked funny or something, but she then announced that today was "half off day" and it would only cost $10.  I managed to say "I'll take it!" and let all the gears in my head catch up.  I'd bought myself a sturdy wire 12 x 12 paper display by Novelcraft with 30 slots/shelves!  I considered this quite a fortuitous moment and happily tossed it into the back of the pick-up and whistled all the way home.

So far, this summer vacation is shaping up very well...
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